Manoir de la Peltrie

Castle at Tourouvre au Perche

Manoir de la Peltrie - Bivilliers© P. Bioche
  • The manor of the XV and XVI, has been ravaged by fire in the early nineteenth. Transformed in an agricultural building for two centuries, its restoration in the early twenty helped restored its character, with the slope of its roof and mullioned windows, which are the main features of the Percheron manor. On the two main original towers , only the foundations of the north-east tower can be seen and give hope a future restoration. Madeleine de la Peltrie (1603-1671), born in Alençon, wife of the lord of the Peltrie, Knight who died at the Battle of La Rochelle in 1629, left in 1639, with Mary of the incarnation to found the Ursuline convent in Quebec.
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