Take in the charms of the Natural Park in a Percheron horse-drawn carriage. 

The legendary Percheron is truly at home in the Natural Park. While its origins go back centuries, it was Jean le Blanc that founded the breed in 1827.  The local draught horse - which is said to have Arabian blood - became the toast of Britain and America and the emblem of the Perche. 

Strong and graceful, generous and hardworking, the Percheron has shaped our history and landscape: ploughing the fields and harvesting crops, hauling goods from docks to railway terminals, pulling heavy mail coaches and fine carriages...and forever taking Cinderella to the ball in Disneyland.

But the Percheron doesn’t only live on in fairytales. Today, it does the school run in small towns and villages and works in forests and vineyards where the land is fragile. It’s winning horse-driving competitions all over the world and leading the way in eco-tourism. This gentle giant has always known how to adapt to changing times. 

Its massive frame, long ears and powerful legs still define our horizon. Thanks to the passion and dedication of local breeders, the Percheron can be seen grazing in the fields, competing in agricultural shows and delighting families with its calm temperament and lively gait. 

Mounted or drawn, there’s simply no better way to get to know the Perche than with a Percheron.