Head for the forest and go mushroom-picking, deer-spotting or tree-hugging.

Over 2000 years ago, the Perche was covered in thick forest - hence it’s name: Sylva Pertica.  
Sylva means forest and Pertica refers to the tall trees that define the territory.

A land of age-old oaks, but also beech and ash, the forests of Reno-Valdieu, Bellême, Trappe and Senonches bear witness to times past. Retrace the steps of the druids through mossy groves and woodland glades to find ancient megaliths and mythical water sources.  Look out for red squirrels and roe deer cantering across carpets of leaves into seas of bluebells and lily-of-the-valley. A haven for wild-life, the forest shelters creatures large and small - from wild-boar to black woodpeckers. In September, you can pick your favorite mushrooms and rustle up a much-deserved omelet …the forest of Bellême is a world -famous mycological centre, so advice is never far away.  

Out in the countryside; take the superb sunken paths hollowed out by man and beast in times gone by into the Perche’s hedge-fringed meadows. Remnants of the forest, these rich borders are protected by the Nature Park and provide a select home for hoopoes, turtle doves and red-backed shrikes. It’s a paradise for nature-lovers all the way, along meandering rivers and through lush, green valleys to hamlets and hilltops with the most enchanting views.