On the farm or up in a tree house, in a country retreat or a self-catering cottage, the Perche Natural Park offers warm and welcoming accommodations.

Wake up to the sound of birdsong, a rippling stream, the rustle of leaves in the trees…and lookaround you. Nestling among the hills is the rich architectural heritage of the Perche.

Thanks to local materials and traditional techniques, the stately homes, farm-houses and villages of the Perche have a harmonious character. Creamy limestone, red sandstone, flint and brick meet in a warm render of orange-gold sand. Inside, walls are insulated with hemp and century-old fireplaces take pride of place. Across the valley, sun-dials wait patiently in cobbled court-yards, dovecots whisper to each other across parks and gardens and old stone archways beckon you in.

From magnificent manors to rustic farmhouses, renovated windmills to pretty village homes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  If you’re looking to stay even closer to nature, choose a tree-house, a cahutte or an eco-sleep in a panda gite. These self-catering cottages or B&Bs have been selected by the Natural Park and certified by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for the quality of their environment. In the heart of the countryside, they offer easy access to footpaths and observation points and a big green welcome from their owners.